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Sustainability Journey

Our sustainability journey started with Environmental Day where we spoke about the importance of trees and planting one in our garden. From here the children’s imagination soared with ideas, so with such keen interests in our outside environment, our journey began in sustainability. With discussions and feedback from our children, families and educators we formed our sustainability action plan and thus far have achieved;

  • Water saving – including half toilet flush, emptying our used water on gardens and much more.
  • Saving electricity/power – turning off lights during day when not needed, opening windows and doors for air circulation, not using air conditioners.
  • Recycling centre – with all cardboard being recycled and reused where can and joining the soft plastics program.
  • Vegetable/herb garden – planting our own vegetables and herbs which we care for each day and can’t wait to try!
  • Worm Farm – which the children care for by feeding them scraps, awaiting the worm juice to produce to place on our gardens.
  • Compost – using our scraps to save on waste that goes into our bins and can be reused into our earth.

We are also very lucky to have access to CCPS school facilities, with the children visiting the chicken and ducks regularly throughout the week feeding them scraps also along with collecting our fresh eggs.

We are so excited to see where else we can go with embedding our sustainability each and every day.

Download our Sustainability Plan (PDF)